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Useful CMMS Resources

MCRV Tour Update
The MCRV is making its way through The Big Apple, then on to Toronto. These guys are having way too much fun aboard the MCRV. Check out these videos to see why:


We spend a lot of time researching industry trends to learn more about how Maintenance Connection can stay current to always be providing a relevant solution to customers. Since we have piles of content that we’ve found useful, it seemed prudent to pass some of these resources along for your use. Here are several websites and articles we have found to discuss topics about implementing CMMS that may help you and your organization.

Websites / Blogs

Articles / Resources





MCRV Tour Hits the Road

If you have not already heard, we’re coming to a location near you for our next training seminars on our 2010 MCRV Tour. Brian Kincaid and Drew Hayes kicked off the event this week with a SOLD OUT training event in Seattle. Next stop is Sacramento, then on to the rest of the U.S. Although the first few stops are nearly full, there is still room for you at some of the upcoming training stops. Visit www.mcrvtour.com to download and complete the sign-up form.

Be sure to check back regularly for the Hilarious YouTube Video Blog that we’ll be updating several times per week highlighting the life on a RV. And if you have not yet signed up, check out the MCRV Tour Training Locations, Training Details Page, or Download Sign-up Form.

Here are a couple recent pictures from this week:

Seattle training stop

Stopped by a local Seattle hospital on Tuesday

MC Customers training in Seattle

The Office on the MCRV Tour

Thanks to Lucky Eagle for a great lunch on the way to Portland!

Version 4.2 Features – Week 1 of 3

In this first post in the series highlighting the new features included in the 4.2 Release, we will discuss the new MC User Community.   The Community provides a supportive environment where customers looking for assistance can post questions, relying on other Customers and MC Staff with expertise to provide answers and suggestions.

Note: Customers using the hosted Maintenance Connection Application are currently utilizing the new 4.2 release and can access all features described in this series. Customers with onsite installations can look forward to being upgraded to the new release shortly after the beginning of the year and will receive an email notification when the download is available.

To access the this new community forum, open the Applications Menu and select MC Community


The first time you access the MC User Community, you will be prompted to register. Once you have completed the registration process, the User Community will open, displaying recently posted questions.


You can use the tabs at the top and categories listed on the left to search for particular topics. The default Answer (Open Questions) Tab lists questions that are still awaiting a response. The Discover Tab is especially useful to search for helpful postings of resolved questions.

To post your own question to the MC User Community, click the “Ask a Question” Button at the bottom of the dialog:


You will be prompted to enter your question and provide additional details as needed. Once the question is posted, it will be made available to the general MC Community. As members of the MC User Community notice questions for which they have expertise, they can post answers.


For more information on the User Community, be sure to check the MC Community Chapter of the Online User Guide.

Coming Postings…

Next week, in our second blog in the series on new 4.2 features, we will discuss the Smart Share feature that allows your organization to share reports, procedures and KPIs with other members of the MC Community.